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Do your research about the company before you buy.

Containing more than 15% beta-glucans, these capsules are easy to take and claim to promote longevity and general wellness. There are also some concerns that Chinese-grown mushrooms can be unsafe due to the country’s high pollution rates and constant product recalls. Do your research about the company before you buy.

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As stated in a narrative review from the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, the Chaga mushroom was proven to have antioxidant and hepatoprotective properties in animal models. One literary review highlights that in preclinical studies, Turkey Tail extract was found to support the immune system, have antiviral activity and reduce cholesterol levels. Moreover, it improved patients’ quality of life with cancer in clinical studies and appeared to prolong their life expectancy. However, further research is required to validate these findings. It was also proven to reduce blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol. You can get the Real Mushrooms lion’s mane mushroom capsules in a bottle with 120 or 300 servings. Boost your brain function for $30-$60 depending on size.

What Our Customers Are Saying

The RealReal has a large selection of pre-owned items for luxury resale. They sell men’s review fashion and women’s merchandise as well as art pieces from well-known artists.

  • They provide their products’ images from various angles, which help a customer a lot to make a perfect decision.
  • Fits different things nicely that you will love.
  • They conveniently “lose” items that you send them and list items inaccurately.
  • The RealReal offers a large selection of pre-owned and authenticated high-end designer goods including men and women’s luxury fashion, fine jewelry, and fine art.
  • Real Watch Company was founded with the ambition to offer designer watch brands for less.

But the last item I purchased was problematic – the item I received didn’t match the item I ordered. Apparently there was an error in the listing photo. I made a total of SIX phone calls to straighten this out. I’ll probably have to go through PayPal to resolve this. If ANYTHING goes wrong, you’re on your own, and I’m just not confident doing business this way.

Swift Delivery Plus Item Tracked And

Item was described as “pristine” condition, with tags. Arrived with a tie/strap completely ripped off one side of the back. This was definitely not noted, and definitely not indicative of “pristine” condition. Customer service offered a $12 store credit. Similar dresses of the brand, on the site, listed for $100-$150. I’ve made a total of 19 purchases from TheRealReal in the past six months, and the first 18 all went well. I knew what I was buying, and I got what I expected.

real company reviews

If it were not for her patience, determination, and know how this never would have been solved. As a new seller on The RealReal, I’m completely dissatisfied with the entire experience. The representative I was assigned set up a Zoom meeting, then asked if I wanted to do a call instead, which I agreed. I was requested take photos and submit prior to the call. I sent the items and was shocked at the low appraisals. I compared my items to same items on their site, and the pricing is all over the place.

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