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Just said alot of packages coming in, so must wait. I cant forever check in the morning to see if they deliver before planning for my day. The most irresponsible courier service. Scam, do not use or believe any company that states it uses them. You will never ever receive your goods. You cannot contact anyone, if you are lucky you will get a message saying the depo burnt down and to claim your money back from your credit card etc. Ignore the reviews saying "it’s showing fake data", this app has nothing to do with the shipping companies themselves.

reviews of a legitimate parcel delivery company

ParcelHero is the UK’s leading parcel delivery company. Competitive prices, fast transit times, and good old-fashioned customer care means that we offer you a reliable courier service that you will simply LOVE. The worst company I have ever used for anything. I even checked what UPS would have charged had the item been the weight they claim it was, and it is exactly the same amount I paid!

Disgraceful service!

When the package arrived in the Philippines that courier calls me to inform about the package and for the payments.. Did i ask that man to send me something from him.

  • Checked back in the evening and told actually Parcelforce not delivering at weekend and my order is still pending?
  • Anyone giving this site more than a 1 star is not being truthful.
  • The next day she received another e-mail, this time from a man named EDWIN PETERSON, saying she had to send $ 1420 dollars, which in Argentina is a lot of money.
  • I have used this app all the times i get packages from all around the world.
  • It took them 9 weeks to deliver and they asked me to pay extra £21 because parcel was 4 centimetres wider even though I paid for 9kg parcel and sent 7.5kg.
  • I was then told that it could be delivered in 4 days which was fine so I booked it.

Tracking service is a scam to lead you on, contact immediately. is not Your email will be used to send fake messages about your uss express review purchase and location of package including asking for postage due. The real tracking service will make three attempts to deliver, including a postcard with instructions.

I booked a delivery on 26th October

The delivery was not collected on the time I was informed. Maybe in future estimate a collection time that is a bit ahead then when the package is collected earlier, customers will be happy.

reviews of a legitimate parcel delivery company

They damaged an iPad and stole another. Dodgy drivers and Customer services appalling. ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE DELIVERY SERVICE. My parcel was literally just slung inside the foyer of my apartment complex, so anyone could have picked it up and took it.


For more inquiry please call +. Called them one more time and requested a full refund and was left on hold until I got tired of waiting. Please do not use this services. Waited 2 hours after multiple back and forth calls with both the restaurant and this place.

One year, and 19 emails later, still not refunded

Delivering a day early made all the difference. Parcelspot is the best sent goods to CPT and they delivered just in time. Says he had to take it with him instead of leaving it behind for the "6 months" he’ll be there. It costs him more to ship that than what he could be paying for storage for many years. Hello, my mother was the victim of a scam.

Suggested companies are based on people’s browsing tendencies. I have started a dispute with my bank as it looks the only way to get a refund. Make sure to pay using PayPal if you decide to go for it. Pallet courier didn’t bother to collect & this cost me a £475 sale. Next time I will use royal mail. This experience was totally unacceptable. I really would like an explanation and proper apology.

Utter waste of time and no interest in solving my problem. As a receiver, I was given notification that my package had been delivered, but work from home reviews it wasn’t. The tracking number was meaningless as there was no way for me to follow up with the delivery source, which was the USPS.

As a receiver

In acknowledgment to this email, Account details shall be provided to you for the payment as stated above for the release of your package). Thank you, as i hope i have made myself clear to you by this notice as directed by the management.

When it came closer to booking it I found out that the price didn’t include the pallet I would have to find that, which I did. Then when I cam to book it I was told that next day wouldn’t be possible it would be around 6-7 days which I said was no good.

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