Service Desk Analyst Interview Questions

Experienced candidates will have deep knowledge of products, services, and customers they’ve worked with. They will have ready answers for the situational questions and excellent troubleshooting skills.

help desk engineer interview questions

It is a suite of communication protocols used to interconnect network devices on the internet. We can say that it is used to connect hosts on the internet by transferring data over the network. It can also be used as a communications protocol in a private computer network, an intranet, or an extranet. OSI is an acronym that stands for Open System Interconnection. The OSI model is a conceptual model or a standard description, or a reference model that characterizes a telecommunication or computing system’s communication functions. It specifies how a message should be conveyed between any two points within a telecommunication network. The OSI model comprises several layers, and each layer provides services to its above layer.

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These are just a few examples – the candidate should use their best judgment when deciding which questions to ask. Describe how comfortable you are with help desk engineer technology and technical terms. I would first take some time to talk through the issue and find out more information about what is causing the problem.

What are the 10 most common interview questions and answers for engineers?

  • Tell me about the most challenging engineering project you've worked on.
  • Describe a written technical report or presentation you had to complete.
  • Explain a time you had to use logic to solve an engineering problem.
  • Describe a time you demonstrated leadership skills at work.

The desktop support engineer interview questions will help you to ace your interviews and will help you to get the desired job. Apart from this, make sure to brush up on your concepts and prepare for the HR interviews as well because the non-technical interviews are of similar importance. If you ace both the HR and interview rounds, you can get into a top company at the desired profile. Becoming a Desktop Support Engineer requires you to know your way around desktop hardware, software applications, operating systems and network connectivity. Together with problem solving to resolve problems while maximizing efficient use of computing resources. Top 5 service desk analyst interview questions with detailed tips for both hiring managers and candidates. Hire an experienced Help Desk Specialist or an ambitious candidate that you can train.

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I would suggest writing down your answers first, then reading them over a few times so that you’re comfortable in answering them. I could have just told them that it wasn’t my area of expertise and hung up, but I decided to look at their computer anyway.

  • Second, with a Hub, all computers linked to it receive data packets at the same time, which can cause latency concerns.
  • Use examples from previous experiences where you have provided excellent customer service, which has led to positive outcomes for both customers and the company.
  • Use your answer to highlight your customer service skills and ability to resolve issues quickly.
  • If written communication is important for this role, you may want to add a written take-home assignment as part of your hiring process.
  • There’s a good chance they are quite nervous, which can harm how they perform during the interview.

This is a very common question and will give you an idea of what type of experience the candidate has with computers. This answer should also include some possible solutions to prevent these issues from happening in the future .

Please tell me some of the task that you had performed in your previous company?

We will need a CPU, an operating system, minimum memory storage, a display/monitor to work on, and a network adaptor to configure a basic desktop. Probably, the CPU might be overheating, there could be a problem with memory, or the power supply must be failing. The best thing here to do is to repeat the question and see if the person understands you. If they don’t understand, I will transfer my call to another assistant who can help them with their issue.

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